Student Spirituality

Religious Education 


The Religious Education Curriculum provides appropriate teaching and learning opportunities for each student to further develop:

  • A knowledge of God’s love made visible in the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ, and the young Christian’s call to respond in faith, love and service.
  • Knowledge and understanding of God’s revelation in Sacred Scripture, the tradition of the Church, and the working of grace in the holiness of the Saints.
  • A knowledge and understanding of the Church’s work in today’s world, in which all the baptised share in the mission of Jesus Christ to build the Father’s kingdom of justice, holiness and peace.
  • A sense of wonder, joy and delight in responding to the mystery of God’s life shared with us in the Sacraments, in prayer and the other means of grace.
  • Active participation in the worship of the Church, especially the Eucharistic celebration of the parish community in the Sunday Mass.
  • An appreciation and love for the history and culture of the Church, both universal and local, and an active participant as a young person in the life of the Church.
  • Confidence in making a personal, contemporary witness to Jesus Christ and the faith of the Church.
  • The capacity to engage with, explore and find meaning in the traditions, scripture and teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • A capacity to reflect on life’s experiences in the light of the faith.

Sacramental Program

All classes throughout the school undertake sacramental units as part of their Religious Education Program. This supports the Parish based program, but for children to receive the sacraments, they must be formally enrolled by the Parish and take part, with one or both parents, in cluster groups. These groups meet at a venue named by the group facilitator and the parents work through a program with their children in these sessions.

Information evenings are organised for each of the sacraments and support is provided throughout the process.

All students who are baptised Catholics are welcome to join the program; normally Year 3 students will be prepared to receive the sacrament of Confirmation, and Year 4 will be prepared to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. It is at the parents’ discretion, however, as to when their children are ready to receive the sacraments.

For further information please contact Kathy Twohill at the St Joseph’s Parish Office (Telephone: 07 5536 7522).