Art Enrichment

We have 2 major prize winners in The Les Peterkin Art Prize this year.  Their artwork will be framed and hung in the gallery during the children's exhibition at The Tweed Regional Gallery from 2nd September to 28th November.  2 winners out of 40 framed portraits is amazing.  Congratulations to:
- Cormac, Year 4 (The Derivan Art Award 8-10 years)

- Xavier, Year 1 (Co-Ordinator's Award 5-7 years)

We also have a number of students whose artworks are on display in big display books in the gallery during the exhibition.  The following students will receive an invitation to the exhibition along with a certificate which will come to our school for presentation:

- Sophia and Anna, Year 1

- Malika, Grade 3

- Ally, Grade 4

- Connor, Year 5 (2 artworks displayed)

- Archie, Year 6

In total we have 7 displayed entries out of 200!  This is a credit to these students and all the students whose art was entered as there were well over 3000 entries.

Today, a number of students participated in the David Ogg Art Enrichment program, where their interests and skills in this area were explored and developed.  They created some terrific pieces of work that demonstrates their passion!  Well done kids!

Budding artists!