Dear St James Community,

Family-school partnerships are collaborative relationships based on mutual trust and respect and shared responsibility for the education of our children.  Research demonstrates that effective schools that have high levels of parental and community involvement have improved student learning, attendance and behaviour. 

I am especially pleased with how our community has come together in the past weeks to reunite and refocus our energies and efforts on the learning and well-being of our kids.  I am looking forward to us continuing on this path and I encourage parents to strengthen this by.....

- Attending school events, such as assembly, social gatherings and liturgies.

- Come into the school grounds in the morning during drop-off and pick-up times.

- Network with teachers during the open classroom period each morning (from 8:30am).

- Reading and actioning all school-home communication.

- Contribute to the learning of children through things like home reading and attending 3-Way conferences.

- Take up opportunities that give parents a voice in our school's procedures and directions.

Our partnerships with families are key to our success and we indeed thank you for journeying with us in unity as we achieve fullness of life for all.